Garden Installation

Giving Tree Gardens professional landscape and garden installation service crew work closely with our clients and with our garden designer Russ Henry to install award winning organic gardens.

The landscape installation services team at Giving Tree Gardens aim to make as little negative impact on the land as they can while landscaping installations take place

We use hand tools whenever possible and we keep our foot traffic to a minimum.  Our organic gardens and landscapes are installed so that they will have all they need to grow healthy and full, and our organic garden installation services are designed around our clients needs and dreams.

Organic Landscape Design

As owner of Giving Tree Gardens, Russ Henry works closely with each of his Landscape Design clients to create organic gardens that fulfill the needs and desires of each client. Giving Tree Gardens designs and services are each individually crafted to create functional enchanting spaces. We take the time to get to know how our clients will use their outdoor spaces, so that we can design their gardens to enhance the livability and pleasure they find just outside their doors.  Giving Tree Gardens are designed to preserve nature, and provide all year-long beauty.   "We aim for 100% client satisfaction" explains Russ Henry, "I want my clients to love the work I do for them, so I pay close attention to what they want to find when they step into the landscape."