landscape installation & maintenance

Giving Tree Gardens landscape maintenance services include:

grow beauty

Our landscape installation team specializes in making enchanting outdoor spaces that grow beauty and value in our clients lives.  We utilize fine gardening techniques to restore habitat while creating aesthetic charm.  Giving Tree Gardens landscapes are defined by visually striking planting arrangements, elegantly designed outdoor spaces, organic management strategies, and aesthetics that reflect our individual clients personalities.  Click here to set up a consultation to get started growing beauty at home.

grow habitat

Giving Tree Gardens creates habitat and pollinator friendly spaces in all types of landscapes from formal to wild.  We manage our spaces so that pollinators and soil health are protected and supported.  We work in residential and commercial settings to grow everything from structured spaces to butterfly gardens to meadows to food forests.  Shoreline restoration, rain gardens, fruit trees, backyard orchards, pollinator lawns, container gardens, and more.  

Everything we grow comes to life with abundance and interconnection that supports bees, birds, butterflies, and people as we experience the wonder of our environment.  Click here to set up a consultation to get started growing habitat at home.