Local Links

Here you’ll find links to some of our business, non-profit, and community partners in growing a more beautiful and bountiful Twin Cities for ourselves and future generations.

Comgar Listserv: Gardeners Unite, Connect, Grow!

The Seed Newsletter Archives: All Your Favorite Garden Reading

Giving Tree Gardens YouTube!: Garden Videos

Yards To Gardens: Connecting Gardeners With Places to Plant

Friends School Plant Sale: Best Plant Selection In MN and a Great Cause

Landscape Alternatives: Great Resource for Native Plants

Outback Nursery: Great Resource for Native Plants

Kern Landscaping: Got Compost?

Applied Energy Innovations: Solar, Wind, Geothermal?

Midtown Farmers Market: Local, Fresh, Delicious!

Capitol Region Watershed District: St. Paul Rain Gardens

Diamond Stone Oriental Medicine: Your First Wealth Is Health

Sue Hensel Designs: Communicate, Change, Share

Minneapolis Rain Barrel: Decorative and Useful

Reddy Rents: Huge Selection of Hand Tools For Sale and Rent!

Diamond Stone: Oriental Medicine, real healing.