soil health

Soil.  Healthy, rich and full of life… Soil produces our food, our nutrition, and indeed the nutrition for our entire environment. Soil is the foundation of both human health and neighborhood beauty.  Since ancient times people have carried the knowledge that the best, most productive soil is formed through very intentional composting efforts.

Giving Tree Gardens focuses on soil health to produce abundant, bountiful landscapes that enrich the environment.  We use loads of compost in every new garden installation, we spread compost on our clients gardens each year, and we use liquid compost extract known as “compost tea” to fertilize our lawn clients yards naturally.  

We can test your soil for beneficial organisms and nutrients and bring you the right compost and compost tea to help your lawn get exactly what it needs.  In order to protect our clients, pollinators, songbirds, and other wildlife we can use all natural compost and compost tea to bring vibrancy and beauty to your landscape. 

Giving Tree Gardens has always had a goal of producing the highest quality compost in order to jumpstart living systems in our landscapes.  Recently we've partnered with Professors Adam Kay, and Chip Small from the University of St. Thomas on a series of compost experiments.

Diligent St. Thomas students scientifically measured compost production methods and the quality of various compost products available for sale locally.  Giving Tree is proud to report that our compost was rated as the top performing compost in a community garden setting.  Visit Kern Landscape Resources in St. Paul to purchase Giving Tree's barley compost, the best compost in the Twin Cities!

Here's how we got our start making compost: