Giving Tree Gardens has been building a compost pile of epic proportions for the last four years.  Gathering and mixing the beer-mash waste from five local breweries, with our organic landscaping waste and wood chip from A-Tree Service Inc in order to build the steamiest compost pile in all the Twin-Cities.  We're proud to partner with Kern Landscape Resources in St. Paul to retail this wonderful compost beginning in 2015. Soil.  Healthy, rich and full of life... Soil produces our food, our nutrition and indeed the nutrition for our entire environment. Soil is the foundation of both human health and neighborhood beauty.  Since ancient times people have carried the knowledge that the best, most abundantly productive soil is formed through very intentional composting efforts.

Giving Tree Gardens has always had a goal of producing the highest quality compost in order to jumpstart living systems in our landscapes.  Recently we've partnered with Professors Adam Kay, and Chip Small from the University of St. Thomas on a series of compost experiments.

Diligent St. Thomas students scientifically measured compost production methods and the quality of various compost products available for sale locally.  Giving Tree is proud to report that our compost was rated as the top performing compost in a community garden setting.  Visit Kern Landscape Resources in St. Paul to purchase Giving Tree's barley compost, the best compost in the Twin Cities!

Here's how we got our start making compost: