enchanting, organic gardens...

Giving Tree Gardens is a full service organic gardening company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Russ Henry, owner of Giving Tree Gardens, started out with a few tools and a dream of creating enchanting organic urban gardens. Today Giving Tree Gardens is proud to service residential and commercial clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Russ Henry of Giving Tree Gardens believes that the health and beauty of the organic gardens he creates for his clients can be seen reflected in the happiness and well being of the people who live and work near the spaces he gardens.

“We don’t need chemicals to re-create the natural beauty we wish for in the urban environment,” Russ explains as he scoops into the rich steaming soil in his wheelbarrow. “We need compost, and plenty of it!”

This sentiment is reflective of the vision Russ Henry laid out for Giving Tree Gardens when he established it in 2005. “I want to work closely with my clients to create gardens that care for their needs and desires as well as their health and well being.”

Giving Tree Gardens is an eco-friendly garden landscaping services company. Our gardens are designed with hardy perennials, trees, shrubs, and self-seeding annuals. We focus on using native plants to attract wild birds, butterflies, and animals. Water conservation is one of our main priorities in considering any landscape design. Our use of rainwater gardens helps us accomplish our goal of run-off free properties. Giving Tree Gardens is proud to deliver garden supplies to our work sites with Hank, our bio-diesel burning truck. In order to conserve natural resources and energy Giving Tree Gardens Landscape Service recycles over 90% of the waste generated by our business. Of course we never use harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides, instead we focus on creating a healthy living soil in order to keep our gardens thriving and lush.

As Russ Henry likes to say, “The Earth is all we’ve got. Anything we do to take responsibility for our little corner this planet is a gift we give for generations to come.”

Client list available on request.